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The LRA is going through changes....

This year's surprise announcement by Spelthorne Council that they have plans to build a massive football academy on Laleham Park has sparked enormous interest and not a little anger from residents.

Discussions within the LRA have turned to our constitution and our purpose as a residents association and as a result of this we have lost a number of committee members and need to re-group.

Our most pressing activities are not at risk; Our Treasurer David Furst and others have formed “Save Laleham Park”, an independent action group to fight against the Football Academy in Laleham Park. We still plan to hold “The Village Quiz”, “Light up Laleham” and the “Christmas Party” and we will continue to send out bulletins and update this site.

However the LRA does need to make a few structural changes if we are to continue to be the best residents association for Laleham. We need additional help at both events and on the committee if we are to match, and hopefully better what we have done in the past, and we would like YOUR input to help us shape up for the future.

To this end we would like to invite all current members and interested residents to come to :-


Monday September 8th 2014

The Lucan Pavilion on Laleham Recreation Ground.

The bar will open at 7:00pm and the meeting will start at 7:30pm.

We need as many of you as possible to attend. You don’t have to volunteer for anything but we will be seeking your approval for the committee members we have, for the events we hold and to discuss what you want from your residents association.


If your subscription has lapsed, here is your chance to catch up. I will be collecting subscription money on the night. If you can’t remember if you have paid this year, just ask. Our membership rates are still £3.00 individual, £5.00 family £donations welcome.

Join the ‘SAVE LALEHAM PARK’ action group

The Laleham Residents Association held a committee meeting on 21st July 2014 to consider the Association’s position regarding a possible future development at the park.

Cllr Mary Madams reported that she had spent a lot of time reviewing responses, emails and letters from residents to the recent proposals. The general feedback was that there is little support for a football training facility to be constructed in the park.

Nevertheless Spelthorne Council is committed to developing and improving its leisure assets for residents across the borough. A detailed discussion is taking place in the Council with the aim of creating a structured plan to review all of the leisure facilities, including parks across the borough. Cllr Madams advised that this would take some considerable time and until that is completed no action at all will be taken with regard to Laleham Park.

Cllr Madams is to call a public meeting in Laleham to discuss these and other proposals. A date in the second half of September will be announced shortly.

A lengthy discussion took place to determine the LRA’s stance going forward regarding the Park. Should the LRA

• merely inform residents of any developments relating to the Park or

• should it actively campaign against any inappropriate development of the park such as an artificial football pitch with floodlights and fencing

The committee voted by 5 votes to 4 that they should only inform residents of developments.

Subsequent to the meeting David Furst, the LRA Treasurer and Donnica Colman, the LRA Membership Secretary have formed an action group ‘Save Laleham Park’ which is totally independent from the LRA.

We will be inviting a number of those who have shown great concern over the future of the Park to join a committee. Please email David at if you would like to be involved.

In February this year the Council put forward plans for the development of Laleham Park. Many residents attended a small “consultation” evening at the Lucan Pavilion where these proposals were unveiled - though many more residents had no idea that the event was being held.

From the residents who did attend, the LRA received overwhelming opposition to the proposed plan to build a football academy in the park.

In June 2014 Spelthorne Council issued a revised plan, allegedly based on the comments received from residents at the February consultation. Strangely, this revision showed 90% of the previously proposed “niceties” stripped away and the number of football pitches increased to three. It was hard to believe that this was a fair revision based on your feedback from the original plans? (In fact we now know it wasn't. The results of that consultation, recently released by the council, show only 4 people thought that football in the park was "beneficial" - whatever that means?).

We know that nothing can happen at the park without funding from the Football Academy. We know that Spelthorne Council are strapped for cash like most local authorities and they see this park development as a potential revenue generator for the Borough (otherwise why do it?). The sweeteners now appear to be off the table and this has become a battle between the power of the council to enforce development and the will of residents to resist if they wish to do so.

Please see more details to read the whole story...

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